Creation of Masterclass

This section explains about the process of Creation and Publishing of Certificate


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Build your free or paid masterclass/workshop/webinar in a few clicks using our Masterclass feature.
Let's look at the step-by-step process, i.e., creating and publishing a masterclass in less than 10 minutes.

Masterclass Creation

  • 1. Navigate to products -> Masterclass
  • 2. Click on Create Masterclass.You will get to this screen.
  • 1. Only a few details are required for the masterclass creation.
    a. Name: The name of the Masterclass.
    b. Date: When do you wish to conduct the Masterclass.
    c. Timezone: The timezone in which you would conduct the Masterclass.
    d. From and To: The period for the Masterclass.
    e. Description: Share more details about the Masterclass here. The expectations, the prerequisites, etc., should be mentioned here.
    f. Online Link: The online link, i.e., zoom, google meet, etc., on which the Masterclass will be conducted.
    g. The number of participants (max): How many participants do you wish to allow per Masterclass.

  • 2. Add the above details and then hit the save button.

Adding Hosts to the Masterclass.

Hosts are the ones who will be conducting the Masterclass. Following are the steps to add hosts to Masterclass.

  • 1.Click on the Hosts tab and then select one of the hosts ( they are the ones who are created in Admin settings -> authors).
  • 2. Click on Add Host, and the host/author will be associated with the Masterclass.
  • 3. You can also change the description, image, etc., of the hosts in the host section.

Adding Pricing to the Masterclass.

Pricing is the key aspect of the masterclasses. You can keep your Masterclass free or paid as well. The process is very simple.

Note: Make sure that you have your payment gateway activated in settings -> payments.

  • 1.Click on the pricing tab and then click on the Add Plan button. .
  • 2. You will see two options: Free and Paid. If you keep the Masterclass free for the participants, click on Free and save it.
  • 3. If the Masterclass is paid, click on the paid option, and you will see enter the name, currency, and amount.

Checkout and Thank you Pages:

  • 1.Add Terms and conditions (if any) to your checkout page by clicking on the Checkout tab. The terms and conditions will show up on the checkout page. .
  • 2. Personalize the Thank you page by clicking on the Thank you page tab on the left-hand side. You can add the text, change the button color and text as well.

Domain Manager : Personalize the Masterclass URL :

  • 1.Change the masterclass url by replacing the id with the name you wish to have. Just make sure that it should be unique.
  • 2. The main url can be changed in custom settings -> domain manager


  • To make your masterclass page SEO Friendly, you can enter the page title, meta description, and image. These are optional.

Publish the Masterclass :

  • Go ahead and publish the masterclass.