Adding Assignments to Courses

This section explains about the process of adding audio to Chapters


Written by Rahul M
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Assignment Creation:

  • 1. In the journey of course creation, there is an option - Assignments.
  • 2.Click on the assignment, and you can enter the text, upload a file or embed any document/video.
  • 3. Click on save, and your assignment is created. Yes, its that simple :).

Member Submission of Assignment

When members start taking the course, they will see assignments the same as the chapters.

  • 1. When you click on the assignment, you will see the assignment details ( as given by the admin ).
  • 2. Click on the submit assignment tab. Its here where you can upload your assignments. It can be a pdf, image. If you want to submit multiple files as a part of one assignment, zip them together and upload a compressed zip folder.
  • 3. Once uploaded, click on Submit Assignment. Your assignment is submitted successfully.

Your assignment can either be approved or rejected. The course admin can put the reason for the rejection as well. If the assignment is approved, the chapter will be automatically marked as complete.

Approval / Rejection of the Assignments:

Course admins can find all the assignments submissions in one place, and they can download, approve or reject and provide the comments as well.

Let us see the steps to View, Approve / Reject the assignments.

  • 1.Navigate to Reports -> Assignments. You will see all submitted assignments here.
  • 2. Download assignment, and you can change the status to approved or rejected along with the comments.
  • 3. Once approved, the member chapter will be automatically marked as complete. If rejected, the member will get an option to submit the assignment again.

Go ahead and create assignments for your course now !! .